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The objective of the Union Star Foundation is the organization and implementation of projects to support democratic and humanist values through sport and training. We believe that, being a common ground for both those who play and those who watch, sport is a powerful tool to get in touch with other people, create and empower communities, promote gender equality, build social integration and inclusion, or help children to fulfil their potential.

Given the experience of our members, and being inspired by the Aikido values: harmony, spiritual strength, and peace our main project is Aikido for Peace. Our mission is though to use all forms of sport activities to promote social change.

All work done by or for Union Star Foundation is voluntary. This means all donations are spent on the programs.

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With regular monthly or quarterly donations, you will be helping us to plan ahead and ensure that our work not only continues, but thrives into the future.

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Aikido for Peace (2022)

"Aikido for Peace" is our main program. This, known also as "Aiki Mundus", and nominated for Sport Accord Awards project was conceived in 2013 and inspired us to start the Union Star Foundation. Dozens of trainings and workshops for children and adults were provided during the last years within this program. Your donation will help us to continue our work in Kenya, achieve our mission, and realize our plans to promote social change through sport in other East African countries.

Neema Rescue Center

In 2021, we have organized a workshop for the Children in Neema Rescue Center. The Children's' Home is doing a great job providing for orphaned or abandoned children. However, seeing the immediate needs for beds, bedding, as well as textbooks or school uniforms, we could not remain idle, and decided to act. Your donation for this project will help to build a better childhood for these great kids.